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Louis & Associate (HK) Co.

Louis & Associate (HK) Co. is a Hong Kong based property consultancy, dedicated to provide top quality & professional services to its clients. With ten years experience, Louis & Associate has conducted its business with an international perspective and has achieved a higher standard. Not just facilitating and securing a transaction, it is imprinted in Louis & Associate to go beyond its commitment of service. Since the beginning, a unique corporate culture comprising Chinese philosophy and Western disciplines has been developed in Louis & Associate, which brings us lots of success and achievement in the past. With increasing ties of economy between Mainland China and Hong Kong, Louis & Associate is well-prepared to serve the clients from China with the same standard of excellence that is the stepstone to its success.

  • 2014 April - Mondahmin mouthwash is on promotion
  • 2014 March - Olivenol has launched in Hong Kong
    Olvenol's consignment store is located at Lok Fu Plaza
  • 2014 February - Nougat London has launched in Hong Kong
    Nougat London is available at fingershopping.com